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How does the Diligent Equity Service Work?

The Diligent Equity team consists of customer success managers, trained paralegals, and fund administration experts. This team partners closely with your firm’s team to become and extension to streamline quarter-end processes.  

Step 1:
Key Document Gathering

Your Diligent team will build a data room for you to add all your key documents like cap tables, charters, and closing documents. 

Step 2:
Paralegal Review

Your Diligent team will consist of trained paralegals who will build out your cap tables and pull out necessary legal points from your documents like anti-dilution provisions, liquidations preferences, and more. 

Step 3:
Reporting Alignment

Our software will be populated and together we will review any discrepancies with your current reporting and align on your desired go forward structure and process.  

Step 4:

Your new Diligent Equity account is now ready to help streamline your quarterly reporting processes! Every quarter our team will help update key data points so your account is always up-to-date.  

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