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    Seed Funding For Startups 10
    October 25, 2021

    Seed Funding for Startups 101: Your Questions Answered

    Although most startups are based around an innovative idea or product, the vast majority still fail to get off the ground. What's the difference between achieving scalable growth and failure? For many startups, it's finding adequate funding, a journey that often begins with seed funding.  …

    SAFE Note Vs. Convertible Note
    October 11, 2021

    Convertible Note Agreement Template

    Most companies have investors who offer money that serves as the capital for the business to operate. Well-established businesses with a track record of success often have investors who seek out investment opportunities through stock sales. Younger business owners often…

    Convertible Notes Vs. Equity
    September 13, 2021

    Convertible Notes vs. Equity

    Think of a promising startup itching to grow its wings and showcase its brilliant product to the world. One of its pressing considerations in its early stages would be raising capital through external funding. Now, imagine a savvy investor who has conviction…

    SAFE Note Vs. Convertible Note
    September 6, 2021

    SAFE Note vs. Convertible Note

    Startups looking for pre-seed or seed funding have several options available to them, including SAFE notes and convertible notes. Which is the best option for you? As with most choices, it depends on your particular circumstances. To decide if SAFE notes or convertible…

    What Is A Convertible Note
    September 2, 2021

    What is a Convertible Note?

    A convertible note is a way for seed investors to invest in a startup that isn't ready for valuation. They start as short-term debt and are converted into equity in the issuing company. Investors loan money to the startup and are repaid with equity…

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