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Tax Implications Of Exercising Stock Options
October 16, 2020

Tax Implications of Exercising Stock Options

In companies that offer employee stock options, the benefit provides a valuable incentive for retaining employees, especially during times when the company is successful. An employee stock option plan gives your employees an opportunity to purchase discounted shares of your…

How To Create An Employee Stock Option Plan
September 4, 2020

How to Create an Employee Stock Option Plan

While companies focus heavily on the fundamentals of running their business, they also need to have a comprehensive understanding of how to create an employee stock option plan correctly. From creating the plan to managing it, there are many details…

What Are Employee Stock Options
August 21, 2020

What Are Employee Stock Options?

Employee stock options are often dubbed ESOs and they can be a useful tool for startups and other companies. Employers can use them to attract top executive talent when they’re unable to offer top salaries. The offer of employee stock options isn’t…

Employee Stock Options For Dummies
July 31, 2020

Employee Stock Options for Dummies

Your hard-working employees bring a lot of value to your company. While you need top-quality talent to get your company up and running profitably, your bottom line may not allow you to pay top dollar for top talent. What you…

July 24, 2020

What is a 409A Plan?

As with most new rules and laws, 409A plans were established in response to a significant public scandal—the Enron scandal. As talk of bankruptcy was looming, many Enron executives arranged to accelerate the payments under the company’s deferred compensation plan…

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