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Keep this two-page cheat sheet on your desk to always refresh you on the metrics that are most important to your fund’s success.

In this cheat sheet, you’ll learn:

  • The 9 venture capital metrics you need to measure your fund’s health and performance.
  • A breakdown of multiple and IRR calculations
  • The key distinctions for differentiating between similar calculations

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venture capital metrics

Hear From Our Customers

Diligent Equity’s powerful what if scenario planning feature completely suits our VC needs, allowing us to easily create multiple investment scenarios and compare them side-by-side, eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheet calculations.

- Viola Ventures

Our cap table is complex, and Diligent’s platform handles it all - our financing rounds, certificates and employees’ options. Their automatic document generation workflow and electronic signatures saves us time and money and eliminates errors.

- Clicktale

As all of our options, terminations and transactions are managed in Diligent Equity, we know that the ASC 718 reports we create with Diligent are correct and have taken all factors into consideration and can send them directly to our auditors. Diligent is a one-stop-shop for stock administration and accounting purposes – highly recommended.

- Kaltura

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